All TAKE HIME KITS take around 2 weeks to ship/pick up from purchase date. An email will be sent once item is ready for pick up/shipped

Take Home Kits

All materials to make a sign are shipped right to your house!

Here is what is provided in the kit

  • Wood project
  • Stencil
  • One background color (for your board) (you can use paint or stain)
  • One color to use for your stencil
  • One piece of sandpaper
  • Instructions from start to finish of how to complete your sign

Whats NOT included, but needed to complete the project

  • A scraper (you can use a credit card)
  • A weeding tool (you can use a toothpick, x-acto knife, or anything with a sharp point)
  • Hairdryer

You are more then welcome to use your own paint if you are wanting more then one color in your stencil! You can use any craft paint!




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